Daze Daze, Van Horburg, Zurich, 2013

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Daze Daze is a body of photographs exhibited at Van Horbourg in Zurich in 2013. Produced right after their graduation from ECAL by Reto Schmid and Mathilde Agius, these works reveal the ongoing interest in dissolving the boundaries between different photographic disciplines: fashion, architecture and magazine photography. In a knowing take on the plethora of self-published images proliferated by the world of social media, Agius and Schmid have constructed in 'Daze Daze' an idiosyncratic world in which the quest to project the perfect image, the perfect 'selfie', is given a wry twist.

By creating a space for them, the artists have achieved to endure beyond the world of mass media, in which they are only ever to be found as undercurrents, or barely detectible traces.